The rich and often tragic history of Black and Latino Americans has long been ignored.
In Black Chronicle and La Cronica historians and educators use a newspaper format to tell of their contributions and struggles.

American Revolution
1778, Issue 1

Free blacks and slaves fought in the American Revolution. In 1778, Rhode Island and Massachusetts slaves were given the opportunity to win their freedom in exchange for service. Whether serving in the Continental Army or state forces, the black soldier, a private, was usually in the infantry. The question at the heart of black participation in the revolutionary conflict was the role blacks were to play during and after America's first struggle for its own liberty. On the one hand, blacks were human beings; on the other, they were slaves, property. How would America treat those whose liberty it had denied?

Topics in this issue:
  • Free blacks and slaves in the American Revolution
  • Quakers and slavery
  • General Washington and black soldiers
  • Slave escapes
  • Black heroes in the Revolution
  • Lord Dunmore and American slaves
  • The black sailor
  • The slave trade
Black Chronicle

- 1778, Issue 1 -

Free blacks and slaves in the American Revolution